On That Note… – Summer 2013

Greetings from the West! I am spending a month in Helena, Montana, where I am conducting a production of the musical “Big River.” It’s my second time here, and no less magical than last summer.

At the end of July, I’ll be headed to the annual UU Musicians Network conference in Dallas,Texas (I sure hope the air conditioning works!). After that, I will spend two weeks in Germany visiting family and friends, including attending the wedding of a high school friend. I plan on returning to Montclair sometime in mid-August.

I have been spending a significant amount of time on email, Facebook, blogs and other websites, Skype, as well as on the phone; and I am grateful for how easy technology makes it to stay in touch with people all over the world. At the same time it becomes clearer to me that there is no substitute for personal, face-to-face interaction.

I miss being in the same room with you, the warmth of your handshakes, the kindness of your faces. It’s good to be away for a while, to be reminded of how important you are to me.

Wishing you a summer of recreation, renewal, and relaxation.

Markus Hauck
Music Director