On That Note – January 2018

From Markus Grae-Hauck, Music Director

A woman was not sure that the turn signals in the rear of her car were working. So she asked her six-year-old son to stand behind the vehicle and watch the tail lights. Here is what he reported: “Yes, it’s working!… Wait, no, it’s not… yes, it is!… no, it’s out again… Wait, now it’s working!… oh, now it’s not… now it’s on again!…”

This little story came to my mind when I was walking the dogs one recent morning, and I was ruminating about the darkness of this time – both literally, as we are approaching winter solstice, and figuratively, as our world continues to be plagued by wars, poverty, institutional racism, and a lack of even the bare necessities for so many people. And of course, like everybody else, I have my own personal demons that I would very much like to banish from my life forever.

The thing is, though – treating these things as if they should not be does not make them disappear. Wishing the darkness away not only fails to bring light; it also keeps us from discovering the treasures that may be waiting there.

Embrace the darkness. Make friends with it. Spend time with yourself. Pay more attention to your dreams. Listen. Enjoy stillness. May you find gifts in this time, and at all times.