UUCM Council on Ministries (CoM)

The UUCM Council on Ministries (CoM) exists to report to UUCM, its Board and Co-Ministers on how our programs are accomplishing their particular mission while also furthering the broader mission of UUCM. Special attention is paid to any systemic or cultural obstacles hindering our ability to fulfill our mission as well as any conflicts. Best practices, connectivity, cross-pollination and successes are also reported. The CoM also provides assistance evaluating our ministries periodically at the discretion of the Board.

Please welcome Council on Ministries liaisons into your meetings and planning when they request to observe your functioning; share with them also your minutes and other documents when requested. They are charged by the Board to help us have a broad view of our function as it relates to living out our mission and vision, so let us all assist them in this important ‘meta-work.’

The Council of Ministries is organized to report using UUCM Ministry Areas (see chart here). The CoM representatives for the ministry areas are:

Worship and Celebration – David Lewis

Welcome and Engagement – Hal Strelnick

Care and Connection – Nina Cooke John

Family Ministries – John Wodnick

Service and Justice – Sarah Scalet

Stewardship – Dan Silver

The UUCM Council on Ministries is established by a charge approved by the UUCM Board in October 2018 (see charge here) and by the UUCM Bylaws:

From ARTICLE VIII of the UUCM Bylaws:
Section 6. The Board of Trustees and the Ministers, shall together appoint a Council on Ministries, consisting of six Members of the Society, who shall serve a three-year term from the date of their appointment. Members of the Board of Trustees shall not serve on the Council on Ministries. The Council on Ministries shall act as a liaison, facilitating communication among the Board of Trustees, the congregation at large, and the ministers called or employed under this Article. The Council on Ministries shall evaluate, educate and advise the Board of Trustees and the members and youth members of the Society concerning the effectiveness of the ministries, particularly in relation to fulfilling the Mission Statement of the Society. The Council will report periodically to the Board of Trustees and shall prepare a report on the spiritual health of the Society for presentation at the Annual Meeting.