Racism As We See It

Racism As We See It

Submitted by Jane Gaertner on behalf of the Undoing Racism Team.

As we continue our time of transitions, the Undoing Racism Team looks forward to working with our congregation to live into the Eighth Principle. Building on our work to undo structural and institutional racism, we are proud that UUCM has embraced dismantling racism within our own lives and our congregation. To that end, we are forming a sub-team to assess the congregation’s anti-racist environment, and invite you to participate in this initiative starting in the fall.

Anneliese Scherfen is now coordinator of the Undoing Racism Team. I am co-coordinator.  There are several new roles for congregational members and guests to become involved in, please view our new ‘Charge Document” which outlines these roles and reach out to Anneliese Scherfen at undoingracism@uumontclair.org.

The Sunday, June 13 UUCM Service delivered a powerful charge to the congregation to become active in the work to create safe spaces in our community and lead the way in social justice work.  As Rev. Ali K.C. Bell passionately preached, it is everyone’s work to commit to this work, which is not limited to learning what a microaggression is and how we can support everyone’s mental health challenges.  We witness violence and injustices. We must learn how to become antiracist daily, not limited to education regarding reparations and/or other justice efforts.  We must truly live in covenant.  

The first antiracist training URT offered at UUCM in 1992 by the Peoples’ Institute for Survival and Beyond changed my life, and many others’ lives, in this crucial work. We look to the Sankofa bird for inspiration. We look to one another for accountability.