Unity Gallery

When you walk into the our Annex building (where you would typically enter to go to our offices), you might think you are walking into an art gallery! Our hallway is adorned with various kinds of artwork, all done by members of UUCM and shared with everyone to enjoy.


Unity Gallery is pleased to announce our current exhibit: ‘He Said, She Said, Portraits of Transition and Humanity “ by artists Janet Boltax and UUCM member Maryann Ficker.

Each artist worked within a framework of interviewing and painting their subjects over a number of sessions. With reverence and deep respect, Janet Boltax painted her subjects through the course of their gender transitioning. Her subjects opened their hearts and shared their hopes, joys and fears as they experienced these transformations. Maryann Ficker’s numerous small-scale portraits (many of members you may recognize!) comprise a “deck of divination cards” with accompanying condensed interviews highlighting many different outlooks, goals, and life struggles that add up to universal themes. Please take some time to read the accompanying text and enjoy this powerful show.