Sunday Plate Donations

If you don’t have cash on hand on Sunday morning, do you donate to the Sunday Plate through Vanco, Give+, or by Text?

Thank you for your generosity! Please be advised that starting July 1, 2019 we will no longer use Vanco to directly give to the Sunday Plate, MESH, or for text giving. 

What do I do now?

You can continue to give in many ways through Realm!

  • Using a computer
    • Visit to give quickly from your computer. No login required!
    • Visit and log into your Realm account. (Don’t have an account? Email Danielle Carlo at
      • Click Giving on the left
      • Click +Give
      • Enter the amount you’d like to give and choose a fund such as MESH or Sunday Plate
      • You can adjust the frequency to give weekly or monthly or just once!
      • Enter your Payment information and click “Give” at the bottom.
  • By Texting: Text UUCM Plate $5 (or any amount) to 73256 to give to the Sunday Plate or text UUCM MESH $5 (or any amount) to 73256 to give to MESH by text.
  • Using an app: Download the “Realm Connect” app from your app store and login to your account. Click Giving and follow the instructions for “through the computer” above.