Support UUCM

It feels so good to be part of this community!  We UUCMs come from many different economic circumstances, and our financial and other gifts to the congregation are as varied as we are. We thank our major donors, and we also thank those who can only connect in non-financial ways, as well as all of you who are in between those two groups.  The contributions of each are significant.

Here’s some important information you should know:

  • It costs about $1600 per household to cover our operating costs,
  • 75% of our expenses are paid as a result of members and friends making significant annual contributions,
  • The congregation suggests a pledging target of 2-5% of income,
  • Annual commitments can be paid monthly or quarterly, and Electronic Fund Transfer is the strongly preferred means of fulfilling pledges.

In addition to annual member pledges, there are many ways to support UUCM:

Do you shop on for items you cannot find locally?  Now you can support the UUCM at the same time.  4% or more of the value of each purchase can go towards supporting our congregation.  Learn more about the program on our Amazon page.

Do you need to be reimbursed for a UUCM-related purchase? Click here to fill out the online reimbursement form.