Undoing Racism Committee

We are a long-standing committee of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair whose goal is to work with our congregation and the wider community to develop, strengthen and act upon anti-racist, multicultural perspectives through worship services, educational programs, lectures, book & film discussions, other cultural events, and community involvement.

The goal of the Undoing Racism Committee is to give UUCM members and friends the opportunity to act on their commitments to racial justice. We work closely with the UU Legislative Ministry of NJ and seek guidance from the UU Association. Through self-examination and learning, we are able to act with more direction and impact.

Jane Gaertner serves as chair. For information, contact uucmurc@gmail.com.


Participating in an immigration rally on June 17, 2018.

Book Discussion from our Undoing Racism Committee

The Undoing Racism Committee at UUCM invites you to participate in a three-part discussion group on the book “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo in Alliance Room on Thursdays, May 2, 16, and 30, 2019 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Books will be available for sale (and two for loan) on Sundays during Connection Cafe.

As UUs, we are willing to have deep discussions about racism. DiAngelo writes, “[we are still] affected by the forces of racism as a member of society in which racism is the bedrock . . . If we want to challenge this construct, we must make an honest accounting of how it is manifest in our own lives and in the society around us.”

Register at: https://onrealm.org/uumontclair/PublicRegistrations/Event?linkString=M2JhZDg1M2ItMWY2OS00YjcyLThhOTYtYWEwODAxMTQ2Mjg4

For more information, contact the URC at uucmurc@gmail.com.

Undoing Racism Committee Planning Retreat

The Undoing Racism Committee invites you to attend our annual planning ‘retreat,’ to be held on Saturday, June 15, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM in the Peierls Room to plan activism and impact events for the 2019-2020 year. Our foci areas include a film series in September on the criminal injustice system, mass incarceration, 400 Years of Inequality, other educational programs to impact systemic and institutional racism.  RSVP to Jane Gaertner, Chair, if you will attend at uucmurc@gmail.com.

URC to March in the Montclair African-American Heritage Parade

March with UUCM and URC to support the African American community in Montclair at the  annual Montclair African-American Heritage Parade  on Saturday, June 1, 2019.  Cars are available for those wishing to ride!  Why do we march?  Frank Rennie, former UUCM/URC member suggested the URC and UUCM members march in the parade to support the Kwanzaa principal:  “To share wealth and work, then, is to share concern, care and responsibility for a new, more human and fulfilling future.”  We will meet at 930 AM at Glenfield Park (Maple & Bloomfield Avenues, Montclair); parade ends around Noon at Nishuane Park when a festival begins at 1:00 PM.  Questions?  Email: urcuucm@gmail.com.

As I See It
A Monthly Take on Racism by Jane Gaertner on behalf of the Undoing Racism Committee

Rev. Anya gave a sermon entitled “A Testimony from the Past and Present” which wove together the story of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem during that violent time with the suffering and violence our world is experiencing now.

“From our witness, hope will rise,” were her inspiring words to me, as she related the violence of Jesus’ era to our times’ witness to the pain of Emmett Till’s mother, when she allowed her son’s disfigured body to illustrate the horror and reality of Jim Crow to the world.  How much has changed since 1955?

“Hope will rise.”  Georgiana Hart and I witnessed Rev. Charles Boyer and his wife, Rosalie’s work on April 17th asking us to witness today’s violence against people of color.  Rev. Boyer’s justice work urgently calls us to unite with coalitions to address and right the injustices happening in NJ today. There were four moving testimonies for two women and two men. Georgiana and I heard a 19 year old African American man’s account of being stopped at a Woodbridge Quickchek, and for no reason found himself arrested, held for two days in jail, then released.  He had not able to obtain a police report about why he was arrested. This happened on April 2, 2019.  Help was offered by the coalitions at this hearing by Rev. Boyer’s Salvation and Social Justice organization.  

The Undoing Racism Committee’s work attempts to focus our towns, our state and the country to hold police and the criminal justice systems accountable for the disparities which appear almost daily in the news of violence against people of color.  We stand in solidarity with many coalitions to witness this violence, speak out and act against it. Join our efforts.

If you would like more information about URC, please email uucmurc@gmail.com