UU Partner Church Council

The Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council sponsors partnerships between UU congregations in the United States and Canada and Unitarian congregations in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania (Transylvania), India, Hong Kong, Philippines, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Burundi and the UK.  There are currently 186 partnerships.  The program started between the two world wars, but there was a lull during the communist era.  After 1989, an effort was made to assist the Transylvanian Unitarians who had suffered badly under the communist government.  At this point the partner church movement was revitalized.

The UU Congregation at Montclair is part of the UU Partner Church Council and has a partner church program with the Unitarian Church of Szentabraham (Avramesti) in Transylvania.

The UU Congregation of Montclair became involved in the program very early when it provided funding to the Unitarian Church of Homorod-Szentmarton to purchase a new bell for the steeple.  The original bell had been melted down for ammunition during the war.  The current bell is imprinted with text indicating that it is a gift from the Montclair congregation.

The currently relationship with the Unitarian Church of Szentabraham (Avramesti)  was established in the 1990s.  Szentabraham is a very small town in rural Harghita county.  A number of members of the Montclair congregation have visted our partner congregation over the past 20 years.  The current minister, Istvan Berei, would welcome another visit from Montclair.

Please take a look at the short video segment included here for more detail about our partner church.

Tours are available to partner churches through the partner church council.  Please visit uupcc.org for detailed information.  Each congregation typically customizes a tour to include a three to four day visit to their partner church in addition to the standard tour that includes Unitarian historic sites such as Torda, Kolozsvar, and Deva.

UUPCC.ORG includes a detailed description of the program and numerous current and historical resources for partners.