After School Program

In operation since 2004 with students from a nearby elementary school, the After School Tutoring Program has grown in stature in the community.  The goal of the program is to provide a safe, nurturing environment which fosters learning and a love for reading and math under the tutelage of caring adults. We have several thousand books available for reading instruction and materials and manipulatives for math instruction.  We also have nine computers and provide special instruction on computers over a ten week period.

Students recommended to the program are those that need help in reading or mathematics.  To date, fifty-four students have been recommended by teachers and, today, there is a waiting list of eligible students. Results from standardized tests given by the Montclair Public Schools system for all our students have shown rewarding numbers. Over 90% of our students from 3rd grade to our graduates currently in 8th grade scored from the 50th-85th percentile in reading. This is only one criteria of the children’s growth. They are more self-assured and confident by the time they graduate from 5th grade.

UUCM provides space, heat, light and custodial costs for the program but has not had to pay for any administrative efforts or for salaries of our volunteer tutors.  Children arrive at UUCM on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:45 PM and remain until 6:00 PM when parents or guardians pick them up.

For more information, please contact Pete Williams at (973) 744-2065.