The Listening Booth

The Listening Booth

Theme of the Month: Renewal

One hundred years ago, in 1920, our congregation was emerging from a World War, a pandemic, and a fire that ravaged our Sanctuary. The good folks of UUCM dug deep and found the money to build their congregation of tomorrow.

Now it is our turn to build our congregation of tomorrow. UUCM is planning what our congregation needs to live with power into the promise of our founders’ vision and the beauty of our congregational mission. Our big focus in the 2020-2021 Congregational year is: re-opening UUCM after a pandemic, amid an exciting time where we witness and promote the need to rebuild our nation from the fires of racial injustice.

In these COVID-19 times, we have learned that people yearn for what we offer – opportunities for compelling, mission-driven service. Therefore we must prepare our staff, volunteers and facility to be able to safely offer all our programming both in-person and virtually. To that end we are embarking on a ”Live-Streaming Tech” project to make it as easy as possible to welcome members, guests and newcomers who need what we offer but cannot physically make it into our spaces.

Our programs of teaching, preaching, caring, personal transformation, movement building will thrive in this new understanding of what Congregational Life can be. Using technology more widely and wisely, we will serve families by: offering the best Religious Education programming found anywhere; continue deepening partnerships with community partners as we actively dismantle racism and other injustices; and deepen our connections with one another as together we build beloved community.

Join us – by donating generously, volunteering to teach Religious Education, and spreading the good news about the renewal taking shape at UUCM with your friends, neighbors and families.

In Faith and Renewal,

Reverend Scott Sammler-Michael