The Listening Booth

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” – Albert Einstein

I was someone who did not always thrive in formal classroom settings. I did well enough in school, for a time, but became frustrated with the model of instruction that expected us to sit quietly still and just receive information for 8 hours a day. Luckily for me I had friends and mentors who knew other ways to learn and explore. My learning style suggests I understand the world by doing things, like taking things apart and re-assembling them. I was also blessed to have chances to immerse myself in different experiences, often with little preparation, and figure out how to succeed – or learn from my failures. Most of my deepest learning occurred outside formal classroom settings, driven by curiosity, without parental supervision.

Imagine walking through a luscious forest, and the trail leads you to the banks of a river. Across the river is a glorious temple, with gorgeous music emanating from inside. There is, however, no bridge, and the only way to discover the mysteries of the temple is to wade in the water, stepping into the river in hopes of reaching the other side. How do we become comfortable walking out into a “river of unknowing,” to step into the current and not know where it might take us? Curiosity provokes our creativity, helps us dream of new inventions, and it emboldens us. May your curiosity lead you to a courageous adventure of self-discovery and truth seeking.

In Faith and Truth,
Reverend Scott Sammler-Michael