Pillars of the Congregation

Recipients of these awards were selected as an expression of appreciation to members who have served this congregation, not just in any one particular area, but in a wide variety of ways, often week in and week out, often over a period of many years. Many times recipients are nominated by other members of our UU community or by the staff, and these nominations are considered seriously. Once a person has been sited as a, “Pillar of Congregation,” it is a designation they carry for life.

Recipients for June 2015:
Peter Arian, Amy Crafton, Hilary Fandel, Henry Kanengiser, Dennis Kurtti, Laura Kushner, Kathleen Morrow-Reilly, Judy Ortman, Beth Smith, Diane Specht


Recipients for June 2014:
Patty Dow, Mark Felix, Sue Raufer, Claudia Sanders, Nancy Silverman, Laura Wilson

Recipients for June 2013:
Jason Brome, Becky Doggett, Joel Naftelberg, Silke Springorum, Judy Strachan, Mary WanderPolo

Recipients for June 2012:
Ed Billy, Deborah Corbett, Kimberly Johnson, Tom Parente, Judie Rinearson

Recipients for June 2011:
John Carlton, Arlene Marin, Carol McGough, Laura Stakiwicz, Connie Thames

Recipients for June 2010:
Ed Boyle, Sabina Ernst, Johanna Foster, Collin Minert, Michael Shapiro

Recipients for June 2009:
Teresa DeSousa, Michael Mernin, Brian Jude Piatkowski, Judith Rew 

Recipients for June 2008:
Jack Drucker, Matt Silverman, Adam Weinger, Pete Williams 

Recipients for June 2007:
Terry and Brandon Doemling, Karen Fried, David Hanley, Roseann Shaiman, Joe Thomasberger

Recipients for June 2006:
Courtney Allen, Julian & Kit Caplan, Colleen North

Recipients for June 2005:
Nick Lewis, Lianne & Steve Schoenwiesner, Sabine Von Aulock

Recipients for June 2004:
Bruce Anderson, Lauren Carlton, Chris Corbett, Irene Sanderson, Merrilea Trawin

Recipients for June 2003:
Francesca Elms, Barnaby Feder, Nancy Knoerzer, Michael McTigue, Jeanne Nowak, Jean Scott

Recipients for June 2002:
Joanne Ceraso, Nancy Felix, Jerry Fried, Janice Maffei, Debbie Tickle, Doug Raynor

Recipients for June 2001:
Lois Grebe, Micki Hatcher, Ruth Karr,Kathy Knachel, Frank Kowalczyk, David Lewis, Ed Martoglio, Bob & Elsa New

Recipients for June 2000:
Bill and Erna Adelson, Bill Brach, Jan Burdick, Holly English & Fred Smagorinski, Frank Rennie, Gary Sanderson, John Solu, Doris Williams