2nd/3rd: Growing UU Love & Justice

Moral Tales has three themes, looking for truth and justice, to act with love in relationships with each other and the earth, and to bring goodness and justice into the world. Participants will begin to build a personal moral compass. Their exploration of goodness and justice will ground participants in UU ethical beliefs, moral values and spiritual practices that cannot only transform the individual, but the world as well.

Timeless Themes introduces children to the classic Hebrew and Christian stories with the enduring themes of transcendent power, human responsibility, love of freedom, speaking out against injustice, respect for the beliefs of others, love of one’s neighbors and forgiveness. The goals for the participants are to become familiar with some of the best-known stories in biblical literature, to feel connected with the ancient writers by exploring such universal human themes as jealousy, forgiveness and healing, and to develop UU values.

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