Internship Team

The purpose of the Internship Team is to: 

  • Help to recruit and select an intern.
  • Host the intern, introducing the intern to the congregation and the community. 
  • Help the intern, with logistics and direct service as they work to find housing, as they navigate personal challenges, and as they work to maintain a good work/life balance and self-care.
  • Represent the intern, by making sure that the stipend and other financial considerations are in place for the intern and by reviewing the contract.
  • Evaluate the intern, by developing a nuanced evaluation process in conversation with each intern and by doing the formal written midyear and final evaluations required by the Ministerial Fellowship Committee. 
  • Learn in tandem with the Intern, by becoming active students, exploring beliefs, values and calling.

Please click here for the Official Charge of the Internship Team.

Please contact Dana Moore or Kathryn Counsell for more information at

Commissioning of the Intern Minister, Antonia Bell-Delgado

These are the words from the Commissioning of the Intern Minister, Sunday November 11, 2019. Please read them, to understand what it means to be a teaching congregation, and to embrace these shared commitments.

Internship Team Member: Our congregation is proud to be a teaching congregation. Founded by women, called to provide their children a liberal religious education – we continue to embody this commitment with our religious education program and our internship program. That said, the last intern hosted by our congregation finished in 2007, 12 years ago. Planning his retirement, and feeling the loss of this program, now minister Emeritus, Charles Ortman, set forth a fund to revitalize our internship commitment. In gratitude of Rev. Ortman, and in commitment to our internship program, today we will commission our ministerial intern, Antonia Bell-Delgado.

Rev. Anya: Intern Antonia Bell Delgado, will you join me here by the pulpit.

Unitarian Universalist congregation at Montclair, we have begun a new thing. As we assume the mantle of a Teaching Congregation it is up to each of us to offer Intern Antonia support and compassion as xe grows into the visionary minister xe has been called to be. It is up to us to create the safe container where xe can succeed and fail, where xe is free to create a ministry here with us.

Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair – Will you trust yourselves and Intern Antonia? Will you allow xer to bring xer full self? Will you keep your hearts and minds open, and be willing to learn a new way, a new pronoun, a new relationship, a new kind of ministry? If so, please answer “We will!”

Internship Team representatives, you have covenanted together promising your heart and mind to decenter whiteness, counter oppression, ensure that no voice is silenced by the voices of others, to fulfill your responsibilities, and to hold yourselves and one another accountable to these promises, to this covenant.

Will you, with your leadership, hold our congregation to these same promises? Will you lead, boldly and with purpose, so that we know how to be in right relationship with Intern Antonia? If you will, please say “We will.”

Intern Antonia, thank you for your commitment to serving as a Unitarian Universalist minister. Thank you for listening to your call. Thank you for having enough faith in us, to trust us as your teaching congregation, and me as your supervisor. Will you give generously of your wisdom and compassion – trusting us to do our work, as you trust us to shape your ministry? Will you help us to live our mission and to live toward our vision? Will you be present, in heart, mind and spirit? If so, please say, “I will.”

We enter into this commitment with humility and conviction. May we remain wide awake and never forget the sanctity of this relationship. Amen. …now let the people praise!