iPonder: Goodbyes

iPonder: Goodbyes

I am days away from the end of my internship with you and I am left wondering how it has gone by so quickly! I am struck by the fact that we only spent five months together in person. I feel so connected to this congregation. The idea of leaving is difficult, yet it is the last skill that must be learned in my internship. A healthy exit. What does that look like? For a minister that means that I won’t be in contact with the congregation for one year. If we are friends on social media, I will unfriend you. That will give each of us time to allow our hearts to grieve and then to open for our next match that will come and fill it all over again. I admit that when I first learned this it was hard to fathom. You have been a part of my life for two years. Yet, once again you are teaching me how to lead in a healthy manner. Thank you! This congregation is special to me. I am blessed to serve you. 

If you’d like to say goodbye in person please come to the flower communion on my last day, June 20. You can also email me: intern@uumontclair.org to set up a goodbye chat.

In faith and love,

Rev. Ali

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