iPonder: Deep Listening – October 2020

From Antonia Bell-Delgado, Intern Minister

When I was a child my mother would recite this nursery rhyme when we were chattering too much. She would start quietly reciting, There was a wise owl who lived in an oak. The more he heard the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he heard. Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird? I have tried to find who wrote this rhyme it is attributed as an English nursery rhyme. When I was very little I didn’t understand it but I liked the idea of an owl sitting in an oak tree listening to the sounds of the night. As I grew, I realized that she was telling us to speak less and to listen more, and in doing that, we too could become wise.

Now, I am pondering our theme of deep listening and I think that there is still another lesson for me to learn. I wonder if I quieted my body and my mind if I could hear spirit speak more. I wonder if I could hear a way forward when there feels like there is no way forward. I wonder if I could hear freedom? I wonder if I could hear justice?

Hush. Hush. If you’d like to learn the Wise Owl nursery rhyme watch this video Wise Old Owl.