Friends of the Howe House – A Community Coalition


The Friends of the Howe House commit to advocacy and action that will ensure the preservation of the Howe House (also known as the Freed Slave House) as a landmark of African American history and heritage. Aware that this history risked erasure fifteen years back and that it risks erasure again, we who know that principle should be upheld over profit will do what is necessary to ensure that the Howe House is returned to the African American community and that it serves that community as a monument and as a location for the preservation of the rich and deep heritage of African Americans in Montclair.


Read about the James Howe House history here.

Current Work 

Fundraise to Purchase the Howe House.

Ensure that the Howe House is not resold and the history erased by a developer.

Affiliate the Friends of the Howe House as a Not-for-Profit entity.

Projected Work 

Historically restore the Howe House.

Develop a steering committee to envision a future for the Howe House that serves the interests of African American history and heritage.