Crazy QUUilters Winter Hats Project

The Crazy Quuilters  are coordinating with the MESH team to crochet and knit warm winter hats for the 50 MESH dinner bags to be distributed on December 23, 2020. Please consider joining us by (1) volunteering to knit or crochet 2 hats, (2) take this opportunity to have a master crafter teach you how, or (3) donate $10 or $20 to the cause by visiting and choosing Crazy QUUilters from the drop-down menu.  We will provide patterns and yarn and, if needed, needles and instruction. Hand crafting is a meditation, best done with a friend and we offer opportunities for casual conversation while your hands are busy. Don’t think you can pull off a project in a month?  We need at least 25 volunteers. We can do it together. We will help you fix problems, or even finish the project for you. Contact Arlene Marin at for more information or to participate. To learn more about the MESH bagged dinner program contact David Bronstein at