New Ministerial Intern

The Ministerial Internship Committee is pleased to introduce Antonia Bell-Delgado as our newest ministerial intern at UUCM!

Beginning in September, under the guidance of Revs. Anya and Scott Sammler-Michael, Antonia will bring xyr vivacious and loving self to our congregation as xe prepares to live xyr calling as a Unitarian Universalist minister.

Antonia is a first-year seminarian at Meadville Lombard Theological School in the Master of Divinity program. Before xe began xyr theological studies, xe had an extensive career in social work, helping some of the most challenged and diversely in-need populations. Xyr work ranged from individual and family clinical counseling to program and facility management and grant writing. Xe excelled in community outreach and the development of community relationships.

Antonia has been a Unitarian Universalist for twenty years. After moving to Delaware, First Unitarian Church of Wilmington became her home church. At First U, Antonia found her voice to answer her call to ministry. They have been steadfast in their support of Antonia as xyr sponsoring congregation as xe traverses this path.

Antonia’s foundational tenant of faith is xyr belief that we are in covenant with each other to maintain interconnectedness and elevate humanity by working together towards our common betterment. Xe was immediately drawn to UUCM’s commitment to social justice activism and spiritual exploration.

Antonia is a mother of two children, Kerri and Everett, and the step-grandmother of one granddaughter, Yamariz. Xe and xyr wife Carmen also share their love with their family dog, Cuddles.

Antonia’s pronouns are Xe/Xyr/Xyrs (pronounced (Ze, Zir ). Here is a link that is helpful ( Her preferred name is Antonia.

Xyr internship will be on a part-time basis for two years. In addition to joining Sunday services, Xe will be available for office hours and will have regular meetings with xyr Internship Supervisor, Rev. Anya, as well as the Internship Committee (Kathryn Counsell, Wil Hylton, Charlotte Hunter, Dana Moore, Pat Patrick, Jo Ponticello, and Craig Rush). Xe’s very excited to be a part of our community, and we are thrilled to have Xyr.

Please join us in welcoming Xyr to our congregation!