Mission and Covenant

Grounded in faith, we come together to nurture the soul, inspire hope, and bring into being a more just and loving world.

We come together to:

  • Create a spiritual community that nurtures and inspires us as we search for meaning in our lives
  • Reach out and welcome all who wish to be part of our community because diversity of race, culture, sexual orientation, and economic background enriches us all
  • Guide and challenge our children in their lifelong journey of discovery and spiritual growth
  • Explore religious and cultural traditions so that we may honor our differences and our common ground
  • Take responsibility for helping to solve the problems of our community
  • Promote social and economic justice, furthering our work to dismantle racism, homophobia, and all forms of oppression
  • Celebrate artistic creation as a spiritual element of life
  • Respect the beauty and mystery of nature by actively preserving our environment
  • Invest our personal resources to build and sustain this community of aspiration
  • Act together to keep this covenant alive.

We are Unitarian Universalists, building upon our heritage as advocates for the rights and dignity of all.