Judith Hogan

Director of Religious Education

Judith setting up a game of Eighth Principle Jenga.

Originally from a California beach community, Judith Hogan is currently a New Jersey based religious educator and visual artist/creative professional with a diverse background and artistic achievements. After years working in the administrative area of the art world, she has refocused her creative abilities towards once again, producing works of art, teaching, and religious education. Judith Hogan’s art is an eclectic collaboration of styles, techniques, and efforts, producing finished work generally beginning with detailed graphite drawings that evolve into pastels, paintings, or collages. Undergraduate level course work in Art Theory and Practice at the University of California at Santa Barbara with professional artist, Ann Hamilton, was an eye opening experience exposing her to the world of performance art and critical thinking that allowed her to utilize her structured visual arts education in every area of her life in an abstract way. Her graduate degree level studies at New York University allowed her to explore all areas of the arts and not-for-profit administration through diverse internships and job experiences ranging from teaching and registrarial to board/membership cultivation. 

Judith has been serving the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair since 2019. She began as the Program Coordinator for the Summer RE classes, progressed to the RE Administrator, and is now the Director of Religious Education. Judith is looking forward to infusing the UUCM RE program with a creative forward focused approach.

Don’t despair, not even over the fact that you don’t despair.

Franz Kafka

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