Coffee Hour

Coffee and Connections Hour is a great time to meet and catch up with friends and members of the congregation as well as make our visitors feel welcome. There has been a shortage of host volunteers for Coffee and Connections Hour.  Please consider hosting a Coffee Hour by bringing food, setting up snacks for the congregation and cleaning up.  It is easier (and more fun) to host when a few of us get together to share the responsibility.

Here are some ways groups have formed to host Coffee and Connections Hour in the past:

– Make it a fun family event and get the kids involved,

– Sign up collectively with your committee or group within our church community

– Invite a friend to join you and host together,

– Encourage RE classes (Youth RE and Adult RE) to take turns signing up.

Coffee and hot water for tea is made in advance by our sexton.  Apple juice, sweeteners and teabags are also provided. You just need to bring creamer for the coffee and tea plus “snacky” refreshments.  If money is an issue, you can ask local restaurants to donate in exchange for a small sign announcing their donation.

The Coffee & Connection Hour sign up sheet is in Fletcher Hall so be sure to check out the available dates that will be convenient for you to host, or you can use our online SignUp Genius Coffee Hour page to sign up for a forthcoming coffee hour. You will find descriptive guidelines; dishwasher directions and snack food suggestions there too.

Sign Up Now!

For more information, contact Connie Thames.  If you need any help, including during coffee hour, feel free to contact either one of us.  Thanks for pitching in and let’s work together to keep this great opportunity to connect, celebrate and stay in touch with one another!


Useful Coffee and Connection Hour documents:

Here is our to-do list for hosting Coffee Hour:

1. Please bring “goodies” for about 100 adults (or 50 adults, if only one service). Many people request “more nutritious” snacks – please do so if this is your concern. Variety is good!

2. Bring 1 gallon of milk. This is enough for both services.

3. Bring snacks and juice for 50 children (or 25 children, if only one service). Set a separate table for the children away from the adult table. The sexton will set up a small table for you; if he has not done so already, just ask him to do it. Use the small cups in the kitchen for the juice. Pour several cups of juice ahead of time so it is ready when the children arrive. Several parents have requested small pretzels as one of the snacks as some children are allergic to milk products and pretzels seem not to be a problem.

4. Coffee and hot water are prepared by the sexton; however, plan to leave the service about 15 minutes early to put out your snacks, brew the tea, put out a basket for Coffee Hour donations, and make sure everything is ready. Paper goods are in a cabinet near the pass through in the kitchen. The cabinets are marked to help you find what you may need.

5. Put the monies collected noting the money is from the Coffee Hour to Donna’s attention into the locked little black mailbox outside the office. There should be envelopes for this purpose in the end drawer, on the right as you go into the kitchen from Fletcher Hall.

6. Last but not least, please clean up after Coffee Hour. Wash the mugs, pitchers, trays, and any other things you may have used. This part really helps everyone.

Thanks again – we look forward to seeing you at Coffee Hour!

Questions? Please email one of the Coffee Hour Coordinators and include “UUCM Coffee Hour” in your subject line. Thanks!