Partner Church

The UU Congregation at Montclair is part of the Partner Church Council, which coordinates programs of over 150 partner churches in the United States and Canada. Montclair has a partner church program with the Unitarian Church of Szentabraham (Avramesti) in Transylvania.

Szentabraham is a very small town in rural Harghita County. The church recently hired a new minister, István Berei, who replaced Denes Jakab after his retirement in 2007.

Earlier in 2003, five members of the UU Congregation at Montclair traveled to Szentabraham and numerous other locations in Transylvania. The group presented a tapestry made by members of the UU Montclair congregation to the congregation in Szentabraham. The son of the minister in Szentabraham presented one of his paintings to the Montclair congregation and this painting hangs near the entrance to the Sanctuary.

In 2003, UU Montclair hosted the choir from the Kolozsvar Unitarian High School when they made a stop in Montclair. The students, a number of the teachers and the high school principal were hosted by various families of the Montclair, Summit and Morristown congregations. The students gave an outstanding performance.

For information about partner church exchanges or tours, please visit the Partner Church Council website at