Pastoral Care Ministry


The Pastoral Care Committee (PCC) is excited to let the congregation know about our expanded ministry created to insure that all members of the congregation are served when they are in need.

In Dr. Osterman’s sermon on April 3rd, he spoke about the necessity, importance and responsibility of any religious community to care for its members. At the May 2016 workshop, the PCC was formed to develop a program that addresses this commitment. Pastoral Care has existed at the U in the past and those who volunteered did so with great dedication. With the new settled minister coming in June, the PCC made the decision to develop a more structured organization, which will guard against burn out, create a system for giving that will last for decades, and most importantly maximize volunteer participation.

Through this ministry everyone in the congregation will have the opportunity to serve in any number of ways, either as a leader or a volunteer for one or more of the teams. And so you know how effective and rewarding Pastoral Care can be, in the last two months alone members and volunteers of the committee have visited those needing comfort in both the hospital and at home; attended Sunday services through our rides program; received home cooked meals; flowers from the Sunday service, or cards letting them know they are in our thoughts.

To sign up on any level or have questions answered, please feel free to contact any of the members listed below:

Those needing assistance may call the ministers or the co-chairs and the assurance of confidentiality.

We look forward to working with you, and remember the wider the outreach we generate, the more we will do to create a web of care that will bind the entire congregation together in this special ministry.