Covenant Groups

Members of these groups make a covenant regarding the way they will be with one another and a commitment to attend. Anyone who is in agreement with the group’s purpose and plan is welcome to join a group. One need not be a member of our congregation to participate.

Covenant Groups meet monthly for two hours and generally use the following structure: chalice lighting with a short reading from a UU source, about 45 minutes for members to check in, introduction of the topic and discussion, likes and wishes to guide in shaping the next meeting, and closing words. If one of the following groups interests you, please call the group leader for more information. 

Our Positive Place covenant group welcomes family members of people with a mental illness. Our mission is empowerment, friendship and support. In a confidential setting, we strive to increase hope and optimism and reduce isolation by sharing experiences with others who are traveling a similar path.
Leader: Carol McGough

Our Women’s March Covenant Group, forming in autumn 2017, aims to harness the positive energy of the January 2017 Women’s March into sustained, meaningful action for justice and equality. Members will commit to supporting one another and holding ourselves accountable as we work for progress on the issues that matter most to each of us. The focus will be personal, not political, with discussion topics that may include how to focus your energy, be an effective ally, or reconcile political differences with friends and loved ones. We will not organize social justice events, but instead we will support efforts within UUCM and our broader communities. All genders are welcome. The group will meet monthly on Wednesdays from 7:30-9:30 p.m. in Glen Ridge.
Leader: Sarah Scalet

In the Short Fiction Reading Convenant Group, each month we typically read 30-35 pages of short fiction from various collections of short stories and come prepared for a good discussion.  We are a group of more mature folks that usually meet on the 4th Tuesday afternoon of each month at 1:30 pm.  We meet in different members homes for our discussions, with good food and  lots of laughter. We are now looking for more members. We have lost a few members this year because of moving and/or illness. This is also an excellent time to join our group as we will be choosing a new book of Short Stories to read beginning in the New Year.  If you enjoy reading Short Stories and are free for a couple of hours on a Tuesday afternoon come and join us.  We welcome all interested persons.  Join us now so you can help us select our new books.
Leader: Dorothy Sommer

Our Writing as a Spiritual Practice Group uses structured writing exercises to explore our beliefs and enrich our understanding of our individual spiritual journeys. After writing in response to a question or topic, we will share an excerpt of our work and discuss its meaning. No writing experience is required or expected. We meet on one Saturday a month at 9:00am.
Leader: Deborah Breidt

The Meditation Covenant Group meets on the fourth Monday of every month from 7:00-9:00 PM in the Mortenson Room. Group members are led through a short guided relaxation meditation before exploring the topic of the month. We will then meditate on the topic silently (with minimal guidance) after which a brief period will be spent on the optional sharing of insights gained. Please wear comfortable clothing and feel free to bring your meditation cushion if you have one and would like to do so. This group is open to anyone who is interested in cultivating inner peace and happiness through meditation practice, including those with no prior experience.
Leader: Maggie Landowski

The What is God? Covenant Group discusses the meaning of the most associated word in any language. The group looks at our conscious and unconscious conditioning toward the word ‘god’. How much of our definition is based on experience and how much is conditioned? Is there any definition? We do our best to find true meaning from the word. Meeting time is determined by the majority of participants. Leader Stephen Bryant has led groups on “Perception” and “The Search for the True Self.”
Leader: Stephen Bryant

The Poetry Covenant Group was one of the original covenant groups that was started about 10 years ago. This group is open to those who enjoy reading poetry and sharing this love with others. We usually meet on either the 3rd or the last Sunday of the month. Each meeting date and a theme is usually established at the previous meeting. After the reading of each poem there is an opportunity for a discussion of the offering. These discussions may be short or long depending on how the group is moved. Bring your favorite poem to share with us and be prepared for a good time with this group.
Leader: Ginny Crooks

Food Diplomacy is getting increasing attention at the UN and elsewhere, building bridges worldwide.  We will use food, as a gateway to learn about ourselves and another culture.   Monthly, we will choose a world region and prepare a meal from that cuisine. We will invite a knowledgeable guest to add insight into their gastronomic history.   Everyone will prepare some part of the meal to bring with us that evening.  We will meet 1 Friday per month, timing recommended 7:30 – 9:30 PM. Group Clean up is mandatory!  All will be in the spirit of fun, fellowship, learning, and taste. 
Leader: Nelia Sellers

Art and Soul welcomes anyone with a passion for the visual arts; anyone who finds spiritual connection and personal expression within the act of making, contemplating and/or discussing visual creation and ideas relating to it. This covenant group is an ongoing exploration of many facets of artistic creation, including engaging in creative activities within the group; sharing of each other’s own artistic work and process; discussing books, articles, exhibitions and ideas; producing a group project (i.e. an exhibition of work by members). 
Leader: Nick Lewis