Board of Trustees

President: Michael Mernin
Vice President: Sue Raufer
Treasurer: Dennis Kurtti
Secretary: Sheila Eby
Trustees At Large:
Jim Abramson
Doug Andrews
Paul Black
Dottie Hiebing
Steven Mintz
Mary Moriarty
Steve Ramshur
Denise Rodgers
Ministers: Rev. Judy Tomlinson

The Board of Trustees formed and adopted a Statement of Guiding Principles that we will follow in fulfilling our responsibilities during the coming year:

  • We embrace the desire of the members of our congregation to achieve spiritual comfort, individual transformation, and the empowerment to change themselves and our world;
  • We will support and promote opportunities for spiritual and congregational growth; and
  • We will embody and reflect the spirit and compassion of our community in our collective service through action.

Click here for the Board Covenant